20131018-182204.jpgPlease excuse my obsession with Paris.  Especially the Eiffel Tower. It’s just that ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of going to Paris.  I had seen so many movies and heard many stories about it and had hoped I’d go there one day, I just never thought it’d really happen.  The first time my eyes saw the Eiffel was a moment I will never forget.

I was walking from my hotel to the Eiffel and I kept seeing signs that said ‘Tour Eiffel’.  Being the silly American that I am, I literally thought they were referring to a tour.  So I kept walking, very confused but I knew I had to be near.  I mean, if they were giving a tour of the Eiffel Tower, it had to be nearby right?

Then there she was in all her glory.  I looked right at it at first, but then it hit me…”that’s the Eiffel Tower!!” I exclaimed.  People around me probably thought I was a total weirdo.  That’s OK, I’m used to that by now.20131018-182545.jpgI just stood and took it all in.  Being the total corny sap that I am, my eyes started to water.  I didn’t care.  No one was going to ruin that moment for me.  Words cannot describe the magic of this city, but maybe pictures can help capture some of it.20131018-182557.jpg20131018-182341.jpg20131018-182213.jpg20131018-182249.jpg20131018-182722.jpg20131018-182308.jpg20131018-182326.jpg20131018-182401.jpg20131018-182624.jpg20131018-182416.jpg

Here I am, posing with the Eiffel on my balcony ♥

Photos by me



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