I’ll be honest; I do not like cold weather, and although I do like the cool breezy temperatures late September and early October bring, I must say that I am not super crazy about the fall. Sure the colors of the leaves are real nice, and I love wearing comfy sweaters and cute layers- but that’s where I draw the line.  Since I live in New Jersey, I will just have to deal with it.  And if I’m going to deal, then I might as well look cute.FALL Continue reading



FlorenceOh hey, hello there.  Since this is my first post I’ll spare you the long introduction and keep this simple and sweet.  My name is Stephanie.  I was born and raised in New York City.  My passions include unique and shiny accessories, traveling, my Chihuahua, and anything cute and cuddly.  I LOVE chocolate and HATE celery- seriously it’s offensive, get it out of my face.  I look forward to making this blog a place to post things that inspire me, in hopes that they may inspire you.